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In Todanim, many species, before considerate without intelligence, now dominate. In the water kingdoms the dolphins are the powerful masters, as well a coalization to conduct the flying people, besides a order of wise guardians composed by owls, boosted other many people intelectual development, including the ravenous wolfes that constitute the Great Lupus Wolf Pack, one of the people with the biggest territorial extension. However, the people with full technological development is with no doubts the Parliamentary Republic of Terralepo, composed by a nation of humanoids rabbits, that with you Mechs form the Iron Ears army, that fight against the impetuous wolf pack in your quest for world dominance.

Your task is manager the Mechs production with the newcomer Albus, wich must to find new creative ways to keep Mechs line's production working in high level. Make your neurons squirm to help manager this cuddly rabbits' army and stop the ravenous wolfs.

  • 30 levels with puzzles and data structure
  • Unravel the story of Albus while completing the challenges.
  • The whole story told through interactive comics.


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Iron Ears: Data Structure ainda está em desenvolvimento, portanto esta versão pode conter falhas e comportamentos imprevistos. Sinta-se a vontade para retornar-nos feedback sobre sua experiência.

Obrigado pelo suporte!


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Version 0.8.2 Apr 06, 2019

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